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St. Erik Eye Hospital is relocating on 27 September

On 27 September, 2020, St. Erik's Eye Hospital is relocating from Kungsholmen in Stockholm to Eugeniavägen 12 in Solna.

About the relocation of St. Erik Eye Hospital:
  • At the end of September 2020, St. Erik Eye Hospital will move to a newly built property at Eugeniavägen 12 in Hagastaden, Solna.
  • The hospital will be located opposite to Karolinska University Hospital, Solna.
  • Until mid-September, all operations will continue as usual on Kungsholmen in Stockholm. After that, patient services are slightly scaled-down for a short period during the relocation period.
  • As of 27 September, St. Erik Eye Hospital will open all operations and services at the new address Eugeniavägen 12 in Solna.