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No visitors allowed due to Covid-19

St. Erik Eye Hospital currently performs both planned surgery and outpatient care according to the hospital's regular care agreement. We have strict established hygiene routines and no visitors except patients are allowed with certain exceptions.

Measures taken by the hospital to prevent the spread of Covid-19

  • We have ensured that it is possible to keep distance in our premises.
  • Staff will keep their distance as much as possible and will during some examinations wear mouth shields and/or visors.
  • No visitors are allowed to the hospital. This means that patients must come alone to their pre-booked or emergency visit. Patients in need of assistance may bring one person with them. Children are allowed to bring one parent, but no siblings.
  • No one is allowed to visit the hospital with cold symptoms, except during certain emergency visits. Then the patient is treated separately from other patients.
  • All staff have clear instructions to stay at home at the slightest symptom of illness.
  • We follow current hygiene routines.
8 July 2021